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terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011

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Waves of NATO aircraft intensify strikes on Tripoli

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Waves of NATO aircraft hit Tripoli on Tuesday in the most sustained bombardment of the Libyan capital since Western forces began air strikes in March. | Video

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Israel sees Syrian hand in Golan clashes, 23 dead

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel, with U.S. backing, accused Syria on Monday of orchestrating deadly confrontations on a cease-fire line between the two countries as a distraction from Damascus's bloody crackdown on an 11-week-old revolt. | Video
Syria, Israel 12:44pm BST

Obama backs Ban Ki-moon for new term as U.N. chief

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama supports U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's bid for a second term and believes he has made important reforms at an institution that is imperfect, the White House said on Tuesday.
2:07pm BST

Afghan politician killed in usually stable area, officials say

PARWAN, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A leading politician from what is normally one of Afghanistan's most stable regions has been killed, officials said on Tuesday, another blow as NATO-led forces prepare to begin handing over security responsibility to Afghans next month.
3:52pm BST

Battles rage in al Qaeda-held Yemen town, 45 dead

SANAA (Reuters) - At least 45 people were killed in an al Qaeda-held town in the latest violence in Yemen and protesters took to the streets of the capital on Tuesday to demand that President Ali Abdullah Saleh stay in exile. | Video
Yemen 3:34pm BST

Food demand eating into tropical forests - report

BONN, Germany (Reuters) - Slowing deforestation and greater awareness of the value of standing trees may come too late to save the world's biggest rainforests, according to a global assessment of tropical forests published Tuesday.
3:10pm BST

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